Lazer Fazer

Open for Adventure...

Thursday – Friday


Saturday – Sunday

10:00 – 20:00



Coming Down to play?
Give us a quick call to book in, no deposit required!

40 minutes of adrenaline pumping fun in the New York apocalypse arena. Just call or message us to check availability.


Play Sessions

Order a home-made milkshake in our all American diner and take a load off in one of our 1950’s style booths. Then grab your Laser gun and prepare for battle as you navigate your way through apocalypse New York. Hide behind the fallen statue of liberty, aim across the Brooklyn bridge or take cover under the derelict cathedral.

Lazer Fazer is a fast paced heart thumping thrill like you’ve never felt before. Whether your hunting the kids down in the arena or relaxing in our Diner, Lazer Fazer has something for everyone and were sure you won’t be disappointed!

We offer the under 11’s the opportunity to ‘make a day of it’ with a 40 minute session in Lazer Fazer followed by a 2 hour session in Giddy Kippers.



Packages for every occasion!

Party Package

Party Package

1 full hour of laser games
with a Designated Lazer Leader


Mission Invitations


Unlimited Juice throughout the Party


Use of American Diner party room
for a Pizza feast with your choice of
Cheesy Nachos or Garlic dough balls.

minimum 12 players

Age from 6 years.

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